"When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to connect
with someone who feels the way you do
and sees the world through blood-colored
glasses,come here. Come here,and feel free to revel
in the thought pit. By all means
stay as long as you like,because anger
and pain and rage and hate are terrible things to waste..."

-- LeSuKi--A shot from the dome.

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A Word to the Wise
Before going to far, why don't you get out a shovel and dig down into the essence of the Grouchy One? Go ahead, do it.
A Sweet but Wyrd Poet
who could stand to have a few stars in her eyes sometimes. (Yes, I said that.)
Perhaps you're not seeing this the way I want you to. Try these FONTS to better educate your eye.
Hey, you!!!
Bored? Need a morsel of stimulation, or maybe even a good mind-thawing experience?I have just what you need. Read the poetry. It's that damned good! Go ahead, breathe the word.

See you in Hell for the sequel?

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